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The first CAA Twitter Conference (#CAATCO) will be held on the 19th of March. It is first and foremost meant for those who cannot attend the CAA 2018 conference in Tübingen between the 19th and 23rd of March. The theme of the Twitter conference is New forms of communications in our digital futures.

The conference will be taking place on Twitter, so you don’t need to be anywhere, or travel, or even get out of bed if you cannot travel to Tübingen. This conference has been planned after the success of Public Archaeology Twitter Conference (see #patc web site).

Each ‘speaker’ will get a 15 minute slot allocated according to their subject matter and the time zone of the contributor. During this time, they can tweet between 6-15 tweets using the relevant hashtag about their paper.

Speakers can include any kind of media in their tweets, from images to GIFS (as long as they are suitable for a conference where there will inevitably be a global audience of different ages).

Ulla and Lorna will keep an eye on the tweets, timings and contributors, and hopefully keep it running smoothly. Questions and answers will be held after each paper if there is time to do so and if people are actually ‘live’ rather than scheduling tweets.

For guidelines on how you can actually ‘do’ the tweets for the papers, check the World Seabird Twitter Conference here for examples that actually work.

Plan drafting your tweets ahead of time in order to avoid issues during the event.

  • Presentations have 15 minutes each and are allowed a maximum of 15 tweets (each tweet is 280 characters). Tweet one per minute or similar, which will then allow some time after the session for questions or comments – people may carry on commenting for days afterwards, so expect some traffic to your Twitter account after your paper is delivered
  • Every tweet should be numbered and start with the hashtag #CAATCO (e.g., 1 #CAATCO). Please thread your tweets carefully i.e. try replying to yourself with each tweet, so that they are displayed together on Twitter.
  • Your tweets should start with an introductory tweet

Links and pictures are encouraged!


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New forms of communications in our digital futures

The first Computer Applications in Archaeology Twitter Conference (#CAATCO) will communicate about communications. Recent years have presented the archaeological community with a wide option of digital communications. Video streaming and social media have their everyday uses and archaeological gaming has developed swiftly. These developments have changed the face of public archaeology.

We welcome papers that fit the topic of creative engagement with connectivity and openness and the CAA 2018 conference theme of digital futures. This twitter conference will take ‘communication’ in its widest possible sense. Your creativity and predictions for the future can embrace:

  • social media
  • www
  • podcasts
  • live streaming
  • open access
  • publishing
  • peer review
  • mobile technology
  • VR
  • archaeological gaming
  • interactivity
  • public engagement
  • field projects

The submission period is now over but the call for twitter presentations was as follows:
You can send in your abstract using the contact page on this web site. The deadline is the 19th of February. Your abstract should have 150-250 words. We will have 15 slots of 15 minutes to start with. Each slot can accommodate 6-15 tweets of 280 characters. More information from here.

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This is a contact form you can use to enquire about the CAA Twitter conference:

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